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About Cleverley + Associates

Who We Are
Cleverley + Associates is a privately owned, professional service organization specializing in core financial strength services for the hospital industry. We provide independent, objective information to hospitals and to organizations serving the healthcare industry.

Our Goal
Simply put, Cleverley + Associates' goal is to enhance the financial performance of hospitals. Our aim is to provide quality benchmarking and consulting services to hospitals in financial, operating, and clinical areas, with an emphasis on data interpretation and business solution identification.

It is our belief that significant opportunities for financial improvement remain available to the vast majority of hospitals through insightful review and interpretation of data. Our primary goal is to provide solutions and recommendations to clients that will enhance their financial performance through better pricing decisions, improved coding, capital restructuring, cost & productivity enhancements, and/or investment management changes.

How We Operate
Cleverley + Associates offers consulting services, custom and off-the-shelf reports, and custom databases. Our customer base includes hospital executives and analysts, organizations serving the healthcare industry (consultants, accounting firms, commercial banks, underwriters, insurers, law firms), hospital associations, state departments of health and human resources, HMOs and PPOs, and manufacturers, distributors, and other companies marketing products to the healthcare industry.

We maintain databases containing financial and operating data, ratios, and performance measures for US hospitals, departments within hospitals, and Medicare patients. Cleverley + Associates produces individual hospital financial, operational, departmental, and clinical reports from its databases - reports used for financial and operational benchmarking, healthcare industry analysis, market share analysis, charge and cost analysis, and quality-of-care assessment.
Create unlimited online custom reports using the latest available data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
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State of the Hospital Industry - 2017 Edition
Who are the "Winners" and "Losers" in the US Hospital Industry?
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